Thursday, November 29, 2012

Recycled Branch Christmas Tree

I have been recently wondering what I wanted for a Christmas tree this year. I love the fresh tree, but hate that needles drop all over the floor .There is a fake fiber optic one in the attic , but I really am wanting something different this year.
That being said... I  was thinking out of the box, and came up with an idea using  recycled tree branches from the local brush pile. Free is always my favorite word ,so me and my two furry kids sent out on an adventure to find just the right branch.
We then brought them home along with some hydrangeas I found. I dug through my spray paint collection and found gold and copper.The branches are done in copper, and the hydrangeas are in gold.

I cemented the branches in a flower pot I had in the yard.

Under a big ole pine tree next to my garage I gathered some pine cones.These were glued to fish line and I added some crystals which I borrowed from the upstairs chandelier.

I brought in the potted branches........then began the fun part....DOODLING!!!
Clusters were made with roses and the hydrangeas, and hot glued on....

Then the pine cones, and crystals....

 I love the way the branches make shadows on the ceiling  at night!!

I just might leave this up all year and decorate for each Holiday. I can already imagine hearts for Valentines day, leopard eggs for Easter, etc.......
 I will update this post with pictures .......See ya soon! xoxoxoxo


WELCOME everyone!! If your new to this page or a follower from my Suzy Homefaker page, I'm glad your here! Each of us has to find a sheltered source of beauty somewhere in our lives.Collecting can provide that inspiration. While everyone is simplifying their lives, I choose not to. I love being surrounded by the beautiful things I have collected over the years. 

My friends call me a creative hoarder, and I have to say "I resemble that remark"! I have a compulsive obsession with cute useful things. As well as a virtual Pinterest hoarder. Yes, I will call it what it is , and embrace it. If I collect it, it must have a purpose or repurpose. 

Come along on my wild journey !