Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Today I decided my plain old wellies needed some sprucing up. I love restyling old items into something new. It feels like I went shopping, but alot cheaper.This little project didn't cost me a thing.

The lace is from one of those plastic tablecloths, and the fabric is from a fat quarter I had in my craft room. All I did was fray check the roses really well, glued them on with E 6000 glue . After everything was dry I used some spray that you waterproof tents with, and applied two generous coats. The boot bling is a rosary from a ancient cake decorating kit sprayed gold and glued on.

Let it rain, I'm ready for spring!!!!



  1. Girl you are genius! I also loved when you made the leopard flowers, really a good looking project. Did you finish your kitchen, the last I saw of that project you were putting up the picture frames on the ceiling, or were they mirrors. Post pics again if you can.

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