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Sometimes, you want a kitchen appliance that just looks awesome. You want people to walk into your kitchen and say, "Wow. Cool. And when that's what you're looking for you need to give a makeover to one you already have.

Iwanted appliances  that are radically different 
thus cool, yet cost effective. Customized appliances
 are a great way to set your kitchen apart in today's
world. Just think of the reactions you'd get with pink
 roses on your dishwasher or stove.

Although appliance painting may not be the final solution for updating your kitchen, it is a great project that can be done on a minimal budget .I get my paint from the auto parts dealer in town. They custom make any color in a spray bomb. You can also get a clear coat. If it's durable enough for a car, it's good for me. Auto paint can be applied to almost any appliance in your kitchen. It works well on everything from the microwave to the refrigerator. It sprays on just like a traditional spray paint in a can and dries within 24 hours. Spray can auto paint eliminates worrying about visible brush strokes and produces an even, smooth, and professional looking coat of paint on your kitchen appliances.

How to Apply

To update your kitchen  appliance with auto paint you will need to first unplugged your appliances and pull them away from the wall. Next, you will need to thoroughly clean the outside surfaces of your kitchen appliances. I suggest an ammonia based cleaner that will dry clean. This is an important step because the paint cannot adhere properly if the surface is greasy or grimy. I also recommend painting them outside. This eliminates the need to have to cover every other surface in your kitchen to protect it from the spray on  auto paint.
Now that your appliances are clean you are ready to apply the paint. All auto paints will have their own directions specific to their product, but generally you can expect to:
1. Make sure you store your  paint at room temperature.
2. Shake can vigorously until the agitator ball is heard. Continue shaking up and down for at least three minutes.
3. Apply light even coats. You will want to hold the can of appliance paint about 1 foot away form the surface you are painting.
4. Apply 3-4 coats for the most coverage and protection.
5. Allow 15 minutes between coats.
6. Allow to dry for 24 hours before return appliances to their original positions.


 Pretty and Functional

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  1. Amazing job, Deidrea Ann! You inspired me to do something like that on my old washing machine...
    Liked your blog very much, and will be following since now.