Saturday, December 29, 2012


Today while waiting for my two pom pom's to get spa day, I decided to go thrift shopping. I am sooo glad I did. This leopard collar zipper velvet vintage coat (with all the tags still attached) was only 10 bucks!!It still said $129.99 on the tags. Holy wow o wow.
I would say the style is a zippered swing coat. It is made of 100% cotton velvet with a acetate lining  in the U.S.A.  

  Jean Nicole  was popular back in the early 80′s. They were a knock-off store…if you wanted designer jeans and your mom wouldn’t pay the $30 then you found the knock-off at Jean Nicole for $15. Talk about a blast from the past! These stores went bankrupt and liquidated in 1994. They operated 1,700 stores under the Petrie’s, Stuarts, Marianne, Hartfield’s, Jean Nicole, G&G, Rave, Winkleman’s and M.J. Carroll names.

So I'm guessing the coat is about 20 years old, and is just like new. Yeah for me! 

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