Tuesday, December 4, 2012


There is something about the way an old fan looks that just adds to a room.

Say hello to this sweet fan from the 50s. Center badge states Zero, McGraw - Edison Company, Bersted Manufacturing Division, Boonville, Missouri. The fan is in great working condition, and only $5.00 at the thrift store. It was like brand new so I felt bad painting it, but oh well.... I've seen them sell online for upwards of 100.00.

This beauty has no switch, you must plug it in or unplug it for power. The head pivots to oscillate. Lovely shade of light pink  with glittery flower fan blades makes  this a great vintage addition to my shabby chic kitchen decor.

Size: 12" tall x 9" wide x 7.5" deep
Here it is before..

I  traced and cut out  scrapbook paper fan blades and decoupaged them on with Mod Podge and E-6000 glue.

                   Aint she puuurrdy!!!

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  1. 'FAN'TASTIC!!! OMG...that was so poor!! Anyways, just love this! Clicked on this from FB...HAD to check it out! Well done!!!